A video showing two Windsor police officers throwing items from their cruiser into a dumpster is going viral.

The video was posted on Facebook last week by someone with the handle "Red Man Bluteau."

It shows two uniformed police officers taking items from the trunk of their cruiser and putting it in a dumpster bin.

The voices of two men can be heard on the video, calling the actions "shady" and "weird."

The Windsor Police Service has reviewed the incident and tells CTV News the video simply depicts officers throwing out garbage.

Sergeant Steve Betteridge says the officers went "above and beyond" to help a victim of a stolen car.

"The stolen vehicle was returned to the rightful owner. The officers offered to clean out the refuse in the vehicle for the victim. The officers then attended a garbage dumpster and discarded the refuse in the dumpster," said Betteridge.

Betteridge adds the officers wanted to help after finding some concerning items left behind including an uncapped sharps container, used for disposing syringes and needles.

Betteridge stresses no evidence was thrown out and the discarded needles were appropriately handled.

The owner of the video did not reply to requests from CTV News.