A Windsor computer repair store had an unwelcome customer before the store opened for business – one who left quite the impression on the store’s front façade.

Surveillance footage provided by the store shows an individual backing their tan-coloured Chrysler minivan into the front window of PC Outfitters at 3181 Marentette Road in Windsor on July 10, 2018.

Trevor Sampson of PC Outfitters says the suspect in the case got off with two laptops and some memory, but not much else.

“It’s kind of worse damage I’ve ever seen for a simple smash and grab,” Sampson says. “A little overkill for a smash and grab.”

Sampson says the store was closed yesterday while Zuliani Glass Centre fixed the storefront and smashed windows. The store has since reopened and Windsor police are now investigating.

But that’s not all. 

LaSalle police confirm a business at Windsor Crossing outlet mall, which wished not to be identified, was also the target of a similar incident where a minivan drove through the front window of the business.

A security guard was present at the time of the incident and Lasalle police are also investigating.