WINDSOR -- A Chatham court heard victim impact statements and sentencing submissions Monday for a retired Chatham violin teacher convicted of sex assault-related charges.

Claude Eric Trachy was originally found not guilty of sexual assault in April 2018.

However, the Crown appealed that ruling to the provincial appeals court, arguing the judge erred in law by acquitting Trachy of all 51 sexual assault and indecent assault charges.

The panel issued convictions on 28 of those charges.

In court on Monday, victim impact statements were given both in court and through letters.

The two sides have also gone through sentencing submissions.

During the trial, court heard from female students who claimed Trachy touched their breasts and had them remove their blouses and bras during lessons in the 1970's and 80's.

Trachy claimed his actions were to measure students to fit them for violin shoulder rests.

Crown attorney Lisa Defoe says the judge should dismiss character references in support of Trachy. She argues they hold no weight in the sentencing.

“None of those people have been in that room with the door locked,” Defoe told the court.

Defoe is seeking a five-year prison sentence.

Defence lawyer Ken Marley is seeking a suspended sentence and three year probation.

Sentencing is expected on March 2.