WINDSOR, ONT. -- There were some ‘very scary’ moments, but no injuries after a fire at Naples Pizza and two upstairs apartments in McGregor.

Amherstburg firefighters, with help from Essex fire, battled the blaze on Wednesday morning around 9 a.m.

Amherstburg fire Chief Bruce Montone says most of the damage was at Naples, but the fire impacted three businesses and two upstairs apartments.

“The fire was reported earlier this morning actually by one of the tenants of one of the upstairs apartments who noticed smoke and so fortunately that gave everyone sufficient time to escape,” said Montone.

Four tenants were displaced, including Jody Perron, who tells CTV News she called 911 after she saw smoke in her apartment.

“I ran downstairs to tell the Naples guy that they were on fire,” says Perron.

Perron says it was a scary experience.

“Very scary, more scared for my kids. I have nothing, lose everything,” says Perron. “I have good friends and good family and hope for the best.”

The investigation into the fire continues.

With files from CTV Windsor's Bob Bellacicco.