A local business was the site of vandalism this past weekend and the store owner is doing all he can to catch the suspect.

William’s Grocery store was smashed early Sunday.

Owner Bill Hucker caught the vandal in action on video.

“They seemed to have an altercation,” he says. “A chair was thrown and someone took their frustration out by taking a cast iron pot and throwing it through our window.

“We just opened six months ago and any new business doesn't make money and this money is out the window, literally."

Hucker has posted his video on Facebook and in less than 24 hours, it has more than 4,000 views.

"I just want to try and find this guy."

Customers have been stopping by to see what happened.

"I moved in here in the summer and I haven't seen anything. This is the first thing and it's sort of a bummer, right,” says Natalie Muoil.

Chris Holt, city councillor for the Walkerville area, says as more bars and restaurants open in the popular community, they may have to look at ways to better manage late night crowds.

"This will be something that comes up at our next BIA board meeting.

"This is starting to become an issue. This isn't the first one, it seems to be one of the most dramatic ones, but it's not the first time."

Hucker says he will no longer put planters outside his store front.

"This is the one that broke. They all have chips in them over the years. They've been knocked over, over the years."

But he’s still keeping his sense of humour. Hucker has posted a note on the damaged window, saying someone will be on Santa’s naughty list.