WINDSOR, ONT. -- A number of people have abandoned the line at a pop-up drive thru COVID-19 vaccination clinic Saturday morning, according to the doctor hosting it.

Dr. Lisa Jansen says several people have left upon learning only Moderna was being offered.

“For some reason, people are hung up on Pfizer being the only good vaccine available, which is sad,” she says.

Jansen says there is a misconception that Pfizer is the only “good” vaccine which she insists is just not true.

“I don’t know how to convince them except to reassure them that I would get Moderna today if it was the first one offered to me,” she says.

Jansen and volunteers say the line of vehicles at 1720 Howard Avenue was long before the clinic opened Saturday morning, but within the first hour, demand dwindled.

“I don’t know if people are just sleeping in on a Saturday morning but most of the week we’ve had at least a 50 car wait, so, I’m not sure exactly what’s going on.” Jansen adds, “As long as people are getting it done I don’t care if it’s here or anywhere else.”

Jansen tells CTV News the goal of this weekend’s clinic is to administer one thousand shots. “Last Saturday, we did 600 without trying.”

The first-dose-only drive-thru clinic is open to all Windsor-Essex residents age 30-plus until 3 p.m.

You must be accompanied by a driver, and all adults aged 18-plus living in hotspot postal codes (N8X, N9C, N8H, N9Y, N9A, N9B) can attend.

As well as 18-plus, adults with highest, high and at-risk medical conditions, and essential caregivers. ‘Group 1’ essential caregivers and priorities healthcare workers. Adults in First Nations, Métis, and Inuit populations.

“I think most people agree this is our only way back to a normal life. I’m not sure how much convincing I can do but I will tell you that I’ve been done. My family has been done. All my friends have been done. There’s really no reason not to. It’s very safe. We need herd immunity to actually get rid of this thing, so please get it done!” Jansen adds, “As quickly as possible!”

Organizers say more pop up drive thru clinics will happen if there is demand.