Tecumseh’s Urban Hens Licensing Pilot Program will begin on March 1, 2020, following Council approval in February.

Property owners will be able to own a total of six hens per property no larger than 10, 000 square feet.

An additional hen will be permitted for each 3,000 square foot, up to a maximum of a dozen hens.

"Urban hens have become a growing trend across North America and residents have told us they want to raise and keep hens in their backyards," said Gary McNamara, Mayor of Tecumseh. "This two-year pilot program was the result of extensive research into what other municipalities are doing and consultation with residents."Interested residents must meet eligibility requirements and pay an annual fee of $25.00/year.

At this time, the Pilot Program continues to be evaluated to see if it will continue beyond the two-year timeline.