CHATHAM, ONT. -- A COVID-19 restriction protest planned for downtown Chatham this Saturday is drawing concern from business owners and elected officials.

The march and rally coincide with the community wide toy and food drive "The Gift," scheduled to start at noon.

"After a summer of losing events, weddings, funerals and parties for any celebration, and then to have us shut down would be a hindrance."

The Purple Panzy Flower Boutique owner, Tricia Xavier says she’d like to see the rally stopped. She fears a potential second lockdown, telling CTV News she believes there’s a fine line between personal freedoms and taking others into consideration. "You do have a voice, you do have a say, however you’re coming into a green zone area that I don’t feel is appropriate. Stay in your zone. Stay in your area."

Chatham-Kent Mayor, Darrin Canniff has expressed concern leading up to the event. "To try and move in on what was supposed to be a fantastic day (The Gift) which it will be, here in Chatham-Kent, one of the most giving days of the calendar year, it’s something I would prefer not to see happening." 

Canniff admits he’s more concerned with out-of-town visitors from virus hot spots coming to Chatham, telling CTV News municipal officials are taking a zero-tolerance approach. "The police are well aware of what’s going on. They will be monitoring it accordingly and following the letters of the law."