It's been about two weeks since unionized technicians and professional staff walked off the job at the University of Windsor.

CUPE Local 1393 representative, Aldo Dicarlo, says the strike by the University's technical and professional staff has put a stop to certain classes. “If they're not going to resolve the strike, the students are prepared to walk out and not go to school until there's a resolution.”

The University of Windsor Student-Worker Alliance is gathering signatures in support of a student protest ,and in just a few days hundreds of signatures have poured in.

A mediator was brought in on Wednesday after talks broke down two weeks ago.

University President Alan Wildeman says the mediator is meeting with both sides to see if there is any reason to return to the bargaining table. "At this point the mediator is helping us have discussions as to whether there's enough common ground.”

Still, Dicarlo says the position of his members hasn’t changed. “"We're just trying to keep what we have, and when that's your position, there isn't a whole lot we can do except wait for the university to reciprocate."

Among the issues are bumping rights and job security.