WINDSOR, ONT. -- Residents of the University of Windsor’s Alumni Hall are under "modified quarantine" after wastewater sampling associated with the residence building was positive for COVID-19.

Daily samples of wastewater across the university’s campus are being analyzed as part of its efforts to monitor and screen for COVID-19.

“Once alerted to these results, the University immediately enacted its COVID-19 protections and protocols. As a precautionary measure, residents of Alumni Hall are now under a ‘modified quarantine’ and are being asked to avoid close contact with others and to follow all public health measures,” a news release from the university states.

Working with the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit, the university will offer on-site testing to Alumni Hall residents starting Sunday morning. Student Health Services are also available for additional support.

Wastewater testing for COVID-19 is part of an initiative led by Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research (GLIER) executive director Mike McKay. Wastewater samples from across the region and in other areas of Ontario have been collected and tested since the beginning of the pandemic and is now part of a network of labs monitoring sewage for early virus detection, the release says.

The Ontario government recently announced an investment of $12 million to support and expand the network.

“Early detection of a potential COVID-19 case on campus allows the University to support rapid testing and tracing practices to help reduce the potential of further spread,” Dr. Chris Houser, Dean of Science, says. “GLIER’s project allows us to be proactive in our efforts to mitigate the impact COVID-19 on campus.”

The university says it will continue to work close with the health unit in support of Alumni Hall residents.