The University of Windsor is in talks to acquire their neighbour, Assumption University.

The two have entered in an agreement that would see the University of Windsor purchasing the historic building at 400 Huron Church Rd. and a two-story home at 2629 Riverside Dr. for $2.97 million.

The University says the purchase would allow Assumption University to focus on their main goals, including Catholic Chaplaincy, while the university acquires “strategic property”.

This plan would allow the university to move central administrative offices from various floors of Chrysler Hall Tower to the Assumption University building. The university says a use for the building on Riverside Drive is yet to be determined.

The funds for the purchase will come from provincial capital grants.

“This is a historic opportunity for the University of Windsor to ensure that the Assumption University properties forever remain a part of the campus,” said Alan Wildeman, University of Windsor president in a statement.

The university expects the legal work and transfer of ownership to be completed by late spring 2014.