WINDSOR, ONT. -- Harmony in Action was paid an unwanted visit Thursday night.

"The two from last night are the two that have come here on a pretty routine basis," said Executive Director, Elizabeth Esposito. 

"One of my staff who just happens to live next door came over and once he came they took off." 

On Woodward Blvd. since 2011, Esposito says they’ve never experience anything as deliberate as this. The problems stated in September. 

"We did have one of our participants, we came out last week and we saw the picnic tables had been burned with what appeared to be a small torch, it was pretty sad. He said why are they doing this to our park? Don’t they like us anymore?"

Harmony in Action provides daytime activities for adults with developmental or physical needs. Esposito estimates the vandalism has cost them close to $10,000 and says they’ve run out of money to pay for round-the-clock monitoring by a security company. 

"It will come from fundraising dollars that otherwise would have been used to enhance our programs. Fundraising that would have gone to assist those participants that don’t have the funds to come here as many days as they’d like," said Esposito. 

Coincidentally, the non-profit got a big $16,200 boost from Unifor Friday morning. 

"Enough is enough. Let’s get this under control," said Local 240 President, Jody Nesbitt, who has 13 members working at Harmony in Action. 

"When we did see it on the Facebook the chairperson reached to me and said they’d been vandalized again. I called Liz and said we gotta do something. We need a fence….something." said Nesbitt.

The plan is to put up four hundred feet of fencing to shelter the property and discourage the vandals.