A ruling from the The Ontario Labour Relations Board did not stop workers from Windsor's Nemak plant from maintaining their blockade.

A labour hearing was held Wednesday as the company applied to have Unifor’s blockade at Nemak removed.

The board ruled that Unifor is participating in an unlawful strike outside of the west end plant.

In a statement, Nemak officials said they planned to resume production as scheduled on Wednesday at 11 p.m. However the blockade remained in place and Management was not seen at the property.

Unifor Local 200 president John D'Agnolo says the union will contiue to ignore the ruling and will continue to protest. He expects that the Superior Court will become involved next and expects a court ordered injunction by Thursday.

D'Agnolo says the blockage will continue until the company agrees to negotiate.

Both entrances have been barricaded with cars and union members since Monday, while factory doors and equipment inside have been chained.

The Mexican-owned aluminum casting plant, which builds engine blocks for General Motors, announced it is closing in June 2020, putting 270 people out of work.

The union wants the company to honour its collective agreement, which doesn't expire until 2022.