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UFC Hall of Famer Dan Severn visits Lakeshore to train students at Hybrid Training Academy


A UFC Hall of Fame inductee and one of the pioneers of mixed martial arts is in Lakeshore this weekend to host a special training seminar at Hybrid Training Academy.

Dan "The Beast" Severn is best known for his success in the early years of the UFC, where he became the first UFC Triple Crown champion by winning the UFC 5 tournament, Ultimate Ultimate 1995, and UFC Superfight Championship.

His style, characterized by powerful takedowns and effective ground control, was instrumental in his success against a diverse range of opponents.

These contributions earned him a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame in 2005.

Today, Severn travels as a mentor and coach, visiting gyms around the world to share his knowledge.

"We don't all get to live forever. So I live life and milk it for all it's worth," said Severn on what keeps him motivated to stay active.

"I work out almost on a daily basis. Even in my office setting, I set my day so that I get up and take a walk once an hour."

Severn, who also performed for the WWE between 1997 and 1999, said he is sympathetic to the "itch" that many retired athletes and entertainers share once their careers are over.

But he said that itch didn't bother him too much once he remembered that injuries take much longer to heal as you age.

"You don't bounce back as quickly. You don't want anything that's going to hinder you later on in life."

Severn added he is able to express his combative spirit through training seminars around the world, giving students who likely grew up watching his fights the opportunity to learn from a legend.

"I think outside the box and I'm showing them that even if I'm not as big or as strong as this other person, by doing the right kind of mechanics and leverage principles, I feel like King Kong is on the other end," he said.

Severn hopes the students who attend Saturday's seminar at HTA leave with a message of resiliency and positivity, even though his nickname "The Beast" may carry a negative connotation.

"That nickname was actually bestowed upon me by legendary NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown," said Severn, adding he has created an acronym for B-E-A-S-T.

"Believe in yourself, educate yourself, adjust your attitude every day, study hard and teach others because you can't keep that knowledge with you." Top Stories

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