The University of Windsor has unveiled a new logo reflecting its proud heritage and excitement for the future.

The new blue and gold logo shows a stylized version of the university’s coat of arms from 1963, which uses symbols originally taken from its predecessor Assumption College, founded in 1857.

“With our 50th Anniversary celebrations approaching, it was time to look carefully at our identity and the image we project to the world,” says Alan Wildeman, president and vice chancellor. “The new logo was developed entirely in-house.”

The University’s public affairs and communications office spent two years developing the new logo, conducting 21 focus groups with 227 people representing various demographics. The total cost of the internal development was about $14,000.

“It reflects the pride we have in our heritage, and the opportunity to strengthen our identity for current and future students as our campus transformation goes forward,” says Wildeman.

Blue and gold are prominently featured as they are the traditional colours of the University of Windsor Lancers.

“The logo will be transitioned onto our campus over the summer to prepare for the 50th anniversary celebrations this September,” says Wildeman.

He says due to cost constraints, they will prioritize the transition based on high points of visibility over the coming weeks.

The university launched a refreshed website with the new logo and the sign at University Avenue has been changed. New banners for the light poles along the perimeter of campus are beginning to be installed Wednesday.

The University of Windsor Bookstore has also begun stocking their shelves with new merchandise.