WINDSOR, ONT. -- Two Windsor businesses are officially launching Streetcar No. 351 special promotions to help with fundraising for the $7-million riverfront project.

The city says the restoration of the streetcar is complete and attention has turned to the creation of the Celestial Beacon that will house the historical streetcar on Windsor’s riverfront.

The Streetcar No. 351 “Preserve and Protect” fundraising campaign is receiving a boost from Walkerville Brewery and O’Maggio’s Kildare House.

The city has posted a video introduction to the campaign with Mayor Dilkens, Mike Brkovich and Vito Maggio.

“I’m grateful to the teams at Walkerville Brewery and O’Maggio’s Kildare House for making this new product and working together on a unique St. Patrick’s Day offering”, said Mayor Drew Dilkens. “Their support of Streetcar No.351 is truly appreciated.”

Sales open Friday at 11 a.m., and for each bottle, Walkerville Brewery will donate one dollar to the Streetcar No. 351 campaign.

“We’re happy to be able to work with the City of Windsor in creating our Streetcar No. 351 Special beer which will benefit the restoration of this magnificent piece of Windsor’s history,” said Walkerville Brewery owner Mike Brkovich. “This initiative celebrates transportation history and the restoration of Windsor’s Streetcar No. 351 by providing a limited edition extra strong imperial stout beer, matured for 351 days in bourbon casks and topped off in a collector’s bottle.”

Walkerville neighbour O’Maggio’s Kildare House will get in on the fundraising on one of their busiest days of the year.

“We’ll be promoting and selling this great local product on St. Patrick’s Day as a package item with one of our two signature specials: corned beef sandwich, fries and a bottle of Streetcar No. 351; or halibut fish, fries and a bottle of Streetcar No. 351,“ said owner Vito Maggio. “We believe in this project, and we’re happy to donate a portion of proceeds to be a part of contributing to Windsor’s legacy.”

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Streetcar No. 351 will be the focal point of the Celestial Beacon, one of five beacons planned for the riverfront in the City’s Central Riverfront Implementation Plan. The Celestial Beacon is the farthest west, situated closest to the University of Windsor and within the Windsor Sculpture Park.