Two teenagers have pleaded guilty for their role in a vicious attack on a 14-year-old Windsor boy.

Jayden Trudell is still recovering from the injuries he suffered last September when he was knocked unconscious and thrown to the ground, and the attack was caught on camera.

It happened when Jayden Trudell was leaving Herman High School for lunch.

A video shows Trudell being punched on the side of the head and thrown to the ground. He was unconscious when another boy started to kick him. Trudell's cousin Jaxon stepped in and he too was assaulted.

“Jayden knows none of these kids, they could be sitting beside him in a movie theatre and he would not know them, he's never had anything to do with them,” says Jayden’s grandfather, Kevin Trudell. “It all started because he stuck up for a kid that was being bullied a week before.”

Jayden’s grandfather says the teenager suffered a broken skull, a concussion and a brain bleed, and still suffers from short term memory loss and impaired fine motor skills.

“He’s got permanent brain damage to certain parts,” says Trudell.

On Monday, a teenage boy pleaded guilty to aggravated assault on Jayden Trudell and the other pleaded guilty to assault on his cousin.

They cannot be identified  under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Kevin Trudell admits the family is disappointed the teens only pleaded guilty to one charge each.

He tells CTV Windsor he is hoping for stiff penalties when the teens are sentenced June 25.

“He's 14, he'll live with this for the rest of his life, so are these boys just going to get a slap on the wrist and continue on their merry little way?” asks Trudell. “I don't know but maybe it’s time the courts set a thing out, school is a safe place, we're not going to tolerate this anymore.”

A third teen charged in this case, the person who started the fight, still must appear in court.

His lawyer says they need more time to look at medical evidence but will be ready to deal with his charges of aggravated assault and assault on May 13.