LaSalle police are investigating a ‘suspicious incident’ involving two Sandwich Secondary students.

Police say on Monday around 1 p.m., they were informed about the incident.

The call came from school officials, who indicated that two of their students were spoken to by a strange couple along Laurier Drive.

Police say what prompted the call to police was that the scenario was reminiscent of similar incidents reported on social media in Windsor.

Officers attended the school and spoke with the students and their parents.

The two students told officers that at around 12:30 p.m., they were walking to a home on Laurier Drive, between Malden and Matchette.

At this time they say they both observed a light blue Chrysler Town and County mini-van on the opposite side of the road, with its hazard lights on.

Police say as the students drew parallel to the van, a woman in the driver's seat leaned out of the open driver's door window and asked "Excuse me, can you please come over here and help me?"

The students say they immediately ran to the home they were going to and locked the door behind them. They then watched as the van drove by slowly and continued toward Matchette Road.

The students also noted that a man exited the rear of the van and stepped out just prior to them running off.

The students say they saw the man when they glanced back while running. The students say the man did not say anything or act aggressively in any way toward the students.

The woman in the van was described as an older female in her 70’s or 80's, chubby face with wrinkles and moles, long silver/grey hair put up with a bump at the front, black rimmed glasses with slight cat eye shape, light coloured button up long sleeve shirt.

The man was described as being in his 40’s or 50’s, wearing baggy jeans, dark brown hair. Both were Caucasian.

The vehicle was described as being a light blue Chrysler Town and Country - newer model- possibly five years old.

In speaking to the students, both told police that there was no attempt by either the man or woman to touch them, grab them or to do anything to them. The students say they ran before anything could happen.

Both advised their decision to run was based on their conversations with their parents, as well as recent reports in the media (including social media), describing a similar scenario in Windsor. Both provided statements to police and advised that they would recognize the woman if seen again.

The area was canvassed, but the officers did not find any residents in the area who saw the incident.

Police are asking anyone with surveillance footage of the area between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. on Oct. 1 to share it with police.

Windsor police were contacted to ascertain if they had similar reports of suspicious behaviour.

Police say they have had some reports of such behaviour, but not with any one matching the description given above.

If anyone knows who the elderly woman and her companion is, LaSalle police sat to call 519-969-5210.