More than 3,700 people from across the country applied for the chance to be an astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency.

That list is now down to 72 men and women, including a doctor from Windsor and an aerospace engineer originally from Chatham.

Dr. Adam Sirek is among those hoping to launch his career into outer space.

“It's exciting to have made it this far along,” says Dr.Adam Sirek. “I’m honoured to even be considered for this position.”

Sirek is a family physician who lives in Tecumseh. He has a practicein Windsor and works periodically at the Leamington District Memorial Hospital.

The Canadian Space Agency is looking for qualified individuals who are interested in exploring and trying new things and pushing the boundaries of science and technology.

Sirek says he's been a pilot since the age of 16, where his passion for aviation lifted off with the air cadets.

“Space is a very fun element of aviation, pinnacle or beyond if you would say based on our atmosphere and it's something I've always dreamed of doing and exploring," says Sirek.

Sirek tells CTV News the idea of being part guinea pig, part scientist is thrilling, getting to see what the human body can do outside of the normal earth element.

Among the candidates are plenty of test pilots and doctors and an aerospace engineer.

Erik Kroeker is originally from Chatham but is studying at the University of Illinois.

Twenty-three of the candidates are women.

The two final candidates will be announced in August, then they would move to Houston to begin astronaut training. After they become qualified astronauts, they then await mission selection while performing other duties for the space agency.

The goal is to flying to space in 2020.