WINDSOR, ONT. -- Two field workers at the Enwin Group of Companies have contracted COVID-19.

One worker at the power company contracted the virus outside of the workplace and a colleague later tested positive.

CEO Helga Reidel stresses this is not an outbreak because transmission between two or more people has not happened.

Six other people in the crew have tested negative, but are still isolating at home for a period of time.

Reidel says these essential workers apply best practices, but distancing and mask wearing isn’t always possible because of the work they do.

But she is confident it will not affect service levels for electricity grid maintenance.

"I'm not concerned and Jim Brown, our Vice President of hyrdo engineering is not concerned,” Reidel says. “However if we have greater transmission either from people contracting the virus through their own personal contacts, or in the workplace, that's our worry, always. And we've had that worry for 13 months."