WINDSOR -- Two Catholic schools in south Windsor have sent a letter home regarding safety concerns of a man approaching people in the area.

The letter were for parents of studnets at St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary School on Roselawn Drive and Notre Dame Catholic Elementary School on Partington Avenue.

The letters state a man driving a black pickup truck is approaching people near the schools.

The letters also encourage "all families to be vigilant to the presence of strangers and take the time to go over safety concerns with your children."

The letters, which were issued on Friday, also lists safety tips such as walking in pairs and locating a safe place in case of an emergency.

Windsor police say no investigation was opened.

In a statement, school board spokesperson Stephen Fields says "there was police presence at one of our South Windsor schools last week and since then, there have not been any reports of any further occurrences."

The statement goes on to say "the letter that was sent home to parents was a standard message that we use whenever we have reports of any kind of suspicious behaviour near any of our schools. The letters are intended as a warning to students and their families to be vigilant about watching for, safeguarding against and reporting on any kind of suspicious activity they may see."