WINDSOR, ONT. -- Freighter traffic on the Detroit River was held up Wednesday as two cargo vessels were anchored and awaiting assistance from a tug boat.

The Harvest Spirit, carrying furnace coke en route to the port of Hamilton, ran aground after a pump failure in its engine around 6 a.m.

Avoiding the Harvest Spirit, a second vessel the Gardno, touched bottom after it was told it could pass — if the crew felt it was safe.

A navigational warning has been issued by the Canadian Coast Guard marine communications and traffic services (MCTS) in Sarnia to all vessels in the area to anchor or make alternative arrangements until the area is cleared.

Vessels looking to travel through the area will be cleared on a case-by-case basis by the Canadian Coast Guard.

There were no injuries or pollution reported and the Canadian Coast Guard’s environmental response team was on the scene.

The Canadian Coast Guard says it is working closely with Transport Canada, the United States Coast Guard, Ontario Provincial Police, Canadian Border Services Agency, Environment and Climate Change Canada, to monitor and manage the situation.