The Transportation Safety Board says an investigation into the 2012 grounding of the Jiimaan passenger and vehicle ferry in Kingsville Harbour has highlighted several key issues.

In a report by TSB, the organization has outlined issues with the coordination of safety-critical activities in the port, the company’s safety management system, and passenger emergency preparedness and Transport Canada’s oversight of new passenger safety regulations.

In the report, TSB found that the safety management system didn’t include a risk assessment process. Because of this, the safety board says there was a high risk associated with deviating from the charted waters.

According to the safety board, Transport Canada instituted new regulations in 2010, requiring vessels to have procedures for all passengers in the event of an emergency. TSB says the Jiimann did not have the proper procedures in place. The safety board is concerned that these new regulations may be negated because inspectors are not required to assess procedures.

The safety board has since sent an advisory letter to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, as well as Jiimann operator, Owen Sound Transportation. The latter has since made improvements to their procedures.

The Jiimann ran aground on Oct. 11, 2012 leaving 18 passengers and 16 crew members stranded overnight in Kingsville Harbour.