A Windsor deli is selling a Trump sandwich - a timely creation considering the upcoming United States presidential election.

Windsor Sandwich Shop owner Lawrence Lavender says he does not support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, but he does intend to vote in the U.S. election since he is a dual citizen.

The Trump Sandwich contains white bread, is “full of bologna,” with a side of Russian dressing, a little pickle and a “wall of Mexican chips,” the shop posted on Facebook.

“Every ingredient has some type of bearing on things that have been in the news with him,” says Lavender.

The deli’s cheeky Facebook post also included a disclaimer: “If you come in to order this you may not get what you were told you were buying.”

Lavender says he got the idea from an online post from a sandwich board.

“Most of the ingredients I had here at my shop, except for the bologna,” says Lavender.

He created the sandwich on Sunday, but he’s not envisioning many people wanting to buy it.

“I just thought it would be funny and cute and did it and it’s gotten a lot of attention,” says Lavender.