GALESBURG, Mich. -- Michigan State Police say a man from a Quebec trucking company has died after a massive pileup on Interstate 94 in southwestern Michigan.

Lt. Richard Pazder says up to 150 vehicles were involved in a series of crashes resulting in the pileup on Friday.

Pazder says he doesn’t know where the trucker who died is from.

“It was a truck driver who worked for a trucking company out of Quebec,” Pazder told CTV News.

Pazder says at least 16 other people were injured in the collisions.

The crashes are located between mile markers 88 and 92 in eastern Kalamazoo County, near Galesburg. Authorities say snow, wind and poor visibility could have been factors in the crash.

“We had snow, blowing snow and whiteout conditions,” says Pazder.

A semi truck carrying fireworks and a semi with formic acid caused a fiery scene with concerns over hazardous materials. There was an evacuation order for residents living near the crash, but that was lifted Friday afternoon.

Police first said 90 vehicles were involved, then no more than 70. But Pazder says a better count now puts the number around 150, with a majority in westbound lanes.

With files from The Associated Press.