WINDSOR, ONT. -- Many Windsor-Essex parents are making plans for Halloween, even though it is expected to look different this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Parent Theresa Reaume says kids have been through enough.

“We do not live in fear, we take precautions, we’re not stupid, we take precautions, but from day one, do not live in fear, and hopefully this will be behind us soon,” said Reaume. “Enough. We’ve had enough. We need to get on with life.”

Canada’s top doctor says trick-or-treating is still allowed, as long as participants follow health guidelines.

Dr. Theresa Tam said Tuesday that it’s all about “finding a balance.”

She said most public health leaders agree that “trying to provide some degree of normality, even though it is actually different from any other year,” is important in a fall season that has been punctuated by rising case numbers in many regions.

She suggested people could pre-package candies or treats and hand those out one by one “so that people are not rummaging in a bowl,” and that parents could bring hand sanitizer for their children.

Another Windsor-Essex parent Bruce Mann, says his biggest concern is safety.

“There’s still a lot of people out there that could be hurtful to kids if they choose to be. I don’t want to be too dark, but my concern is for the safety of the children,” says Mann.

Debbie Marchinko says it’s about the experience.

“I think it’s for them to have the candy and have that experience and get dressed up. It’s excitement and it’s fun. And I think this 2020 that we’re facing right now needs a little fun, doesn’t it?”

Parent Alexis Fluit believes it’s possible to follow the health guidelines and have fun.

“I think that we need as much normalcy for the children at this stage as possible, and I think it’s very possible to do it socially distanced and keep it safe and still fun for the kids,” says Fluit.

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit has not released its Halloween recommendations yet.

With files from CTV Windsor's Rich Garton and's Alexandra Mae Jones.