A convicted sex offender from Amherstburg will stand trial for new sex-related offences.

The application to stay the proceedings was dismissed by Justice Scott Campbell, which means a trial date will be set for the 85-year-old Richard Massen.

Defence lawyer Andrew Bradie says he brought an application to stay the proceedings based on two factors.

One is what he perceives to be an abusive process and proceeding against his client and secondly, Bradie points to what he calls significant lost evidence from the initial investigating officer's notebooks.

None of which have been produced.

Massen faces six sex-related offences, alleged to have involved three boys during the 1970's.

Police say the victims were between the ages of 11 and 15.

This is the third time Massen has been charged with sexually abusing children.

He pleaded guilty to three charges in 1990, served a year in jail, but was pardoned in 2004. He was also convicted of indecent assault back in 1965.

Massen's name may sound familiar. He donated more than $100,000 to the Town of Amherstburg in exchange for his name being honoured on both a scoreboard and a street leading to the then new recreational centre - The Libro Credit Union Complex.

Council reversed its decision after a public outcry, when members learned of his previous convictions. 

Massen's lawyer has not given up hope in getting the case dismissed.

The judge however indicated that if the lost evidence from the initial investigation or the officers notebooks becomes more relevant during the trial that he will revisit the application decision to stay so the next step is to set a trial date.

That will take place tomorrow.

Bradie believes the trial will last at least a week and maybe longer.

He says none of the allegations he believes relate to anything within the last 25 years.