WINDSOR, ONT. -- The loosening of COVID-19 travel restrictions is causing an uptick in booking, but also confusion in the industry.

Tecumseh Travel owner Michael Horvath says phone calls are finally coming in once again as the business opened in-person this week for the first time in since March 2020.

“We’ve been getting a lot of calls in regards to ‘Can we travel? How soon can we travel? Can we book for next year? What are the requirements to travel?’” says Horvath.

Horvath says it’s a different world than 16 months ago.

“We’re hoping that this is the beginning of going back to normal,” he says.

The travel rules are changing so much Horvath says they are working hard to keep up and relay the latest information to customers.

“We get travel blogs, and travel industry memos and emails and we research a lot,” says Horvath.

One issue is the patchwork of different quarantine and vaccination rules for each province and country.

“Every country has their own rules and regulations, what is acceptable, what needs to be done prior to getting into the country,” says Horvath.

President of Travel Secure Inc. Martin Firestone says the best advice is know before you go.

“No matter what you do I think you have to call ahead,” says Firestone. “Even interprovincial travel, you have to ask what are the restrictions if any.”

Firestone says your destination should be a factor in deciding if you need extra insurance.

“The need for insurance just crossing the border is huge but going province to province for the most part you are covered,” says Firestone.

Windsor International Airport CEO Mark Galvin says travelers can expect more messaging on changes locally when they reopen to international winter destinations.

“Right now it’s all domestic whether it’s Calgary or Toronto,” says Galvin. “So look out for that prior to Sunwing returning in December.”