Job recruiters were in Windsor Wednesday continuing their mission to find 100 transport truck drivers.

Available trucking jobs appear to be on the rise. About 10 years ago, trucking job fairs weren't even considered, but now a shortfall in the industry has trucking companies looking to hire immediately.

“As long as you're willing to be out for two to three days and home for one and then back out on the road, we've got work," says Rebecca Wismer, a recruiter from Kee Human Resources.

The search is on for drivers who can travel both near and far.

“We need truck drivers like nobody's business, but unfortunately with insurance policies, trying to find a driver with two years’ experience is tough," says Wismer.

Truck driving instructor Al White says graduates can't find work because most companies require two years’ experience behind the wheel.

“Before 9-11 all my students had a job before they even graduated,” says White. “If you wanted a job you had one."

White says now they are in a tougher situation.

“It's a Catch 22. You have to have experience to get a job. You have to have a job to get experience," he says.

White says the Ontario Trucking Association estimates that Canada will be short 33,000 drivers by the year 2020.

With such demand, some firms are now offering work through certification rather than experience.

“We have carriers that will accept our students right out of school so that helps our guys," says White.

In total, 10 applicants from the job fair Wednesday will be considered for work, but that still leaves the possibility for 85 more vacant jobs to fill.