Good news for bicyclists wanting to cross the Windsor-Detroit border.

Transit Windsor will soon be offering bike rack service on the tunnel bus.

Starting Oct. 31, bike racks will be operational on the tunnel busses crossing between Windsor and Detroit. 

The new service will provide cyclists with a safe and convenient way to explore what each city has to offer.

“With all the trails on both sides of the border, including our own beautiful riverfront, we’re sure this service will be a hit with cyclists,” said Transit Windsor executive director Pat Delmore.

Cyclists across Windsor are very excited about this new feature.

"We're already offering the service of the tunnel bus itself, so this small addition will bring a lot benefit to so many residents” says Angela Zhu. “I think that means Detroit residents who want to come across can bring their bikes, which could mean tourism dollars for Windsor."

City officials say the license to carry bikes does come with some stipulations: 

-All bicycles entering the United States or Canada must be accompanied by an owner or authorized individual.

-Bicycles making entry to the United States or Canada will remain on the bus rack during the inspection process unless removal is requested by a Customs Officer.

-Bicycle bags or pouches will be removed and brought into the customs office for inspection, unless the Customs Officer determines it is not feasible or prudent to do so.

-The bicycles of individuals found to be inadmissible will be removed from the bicycle rack and remain with the owner or authorized individual until they return to the originating country.