WINDSOR, ONT. -- Windsor city council has decided transit will continue to be a non-essential service.

The city's Environment, Transportation and Public Safety Standing Committee asked for a report on the implications of giving council more authority for Transit Windsor amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Windsor mayor Drew Dilkens can cancel all non-essential services in a crisis. Council decided to keep it that way.

"In times of crisis when you're dealing with life and death decisions, every second counts and you don't want to waste any time,” said councillor Fred Francis, who voted in favour of keeping things the same. “We're not out of this crisis by any means and we've still got to all work together and do everything we possible can do, on a united front, to ensure everyone's safety.”

Dilkens suspended Transit Windsor services in March when the first pandemic first began. Modified service resumed in May with COVID-19 protocols in place.