WINDSOR, ONT. -- Transit Windsor is supplementing its schedule to help high school students go to and from school this September.

The Transit Windsor - Secondary Extras schedule is posted on their website.

For the start of the school year, fares are not required, but Transit Windsor says the resumption of collecting fares is expected in the coming weeks. Announcements will be made regarding when fare collection will resume.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Windsor Transit temporarily shut down from late March into early May before reopening with an enhanced Sunday schedule. In July more route were added, but the schedule is still modified.

New rules for secondary extras:

  • All passengers are asked to enter and exit at the rear doors. Passengers with accessibility needs may continue to use the front doors; one wheelchair passenger at a time may occupy this area.
  • Once a bus reaches a seated load, in the area to the rear of the blocked off section, a sign will be displayed indicating, "Sorry, the bus is full," and it will not pick up any additional students.
  • All students are required to follow the mandatory mask policy while riding a school extra bus.
  • An extra is a bus that takes the rider directly to school. These buses are strictly for students attending a secondary school and are put in place to take excess loads off of the regular routes. Each fall, the routes are planned according to geographic data supplied by the school boards.

Transit Windsor says extras are subject to change without notice. Additionally, extras may be cancelled with no advance notice due to circumstances beyond their control.

School extras operate on regularly scheduled school days only.