WINDSOR, ONT. -- Shoreline property owners within the Town of Essex have another option to protect their homes and land from flooding with the launch of the new Shoreline Assistance Loan Program.

The program is the first of its kind in the region and is designed to replace the provincial loan program which provided loans to shoreline property owners until it was discontinued in 2010.

The program will provide property owners with loans, in partnership with a local financial institution, for property repairs and improvements to prevent damage from erosion and flooding.

“Protecting your property from high water and erosion can be quite expensive, and this program is designed to ease the burden and allow property owners to take action when it’s needed most,” said Mayor Larry Snively. “It will allow property owners to undertake the work of protecting their properties while benefitting from competitive interest rates that would not be possible without this program.”

Under the program, eligible property owners will have the balance of their loans transferred onto their property tax bills in the form of a local improvement charge. Property owners will pay back the loan with monthly payments; up to a ten year term.

“Since the announcement of the program in 2019, we have had significant interest from shoreline property owners,” said Jeffrey Morrison, Director of Corporate Services. “While municipalities are limited in their capacity to stop flooding, this program provides property owners an additional tool to stop shoreline damage while limiting the financial risk to the Town.”

Funding amounts are capped at either $250,000 or 30 per cent of the current assessed value of the property.

The town has also partnered with the Essex Region Conservation Authority, which will consult property owners to determine their best options for shoreline protection.

Property owners interested in applying or learning more about the program can contact or by visiting