WINDSOR, ONT. -- Organizers of a Chatham-Kent food drive are celebrating a record-breaking number of donations.

The total amount of food raised for the May 16th Miracle was 678,200 pounds.

The Guinness World Record was 559,000 lbs and was done over a 24-hour period. The Chatham-Kent event was not an official Guinness event.

The Chatham-Kent initiative was planned virtually over a four-week period, with an organizing committee of 10 people, who worked with the volunteers.

They collected food and goods from nearly 70,000 homes to deliver to those in need.

On May 16, 3,000 volunteers worked together, while physically distanced, at more than 80 drop-off locations for the food drive that spanned the entire municipality, event organizers say.

Volunteers say they covered more than 2,000 square kilometres. There were also drop-off locations for drive-through deliveries.