A Windsor family has a renewed sense of hope for their baby girl.

14-month-old Lilah Lamont  suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, known as SMA.

But she's seen some big improvements over the past few months since taking an experimental drug.

SMA is an incurable disease that often leads to paralysis and early death.

Before treatment was available, doctors gave her 12 months to live.

But an experimental drug was so successful in early trials, they began administering it.

It works by delivering synthetic pieces of DNA to block the disease process.

Lilah had her first injection into her spine when she was nine months old.

Her parents, Eric and Nicole Lamont have seen so much progress since then.

Lilah still requires a breathing tube, but can now go off the machine for five minutes at a time.

The breakthrough comes with a hefty price tag - $750,000 for the first year.

The Lamont's hope to raise some money to help offset the cost.

A walkahton is being held on April 2 at Malden Park, called 'Hope for Lilah.'