Sentencing has been handed down against three teens following a vicious attack against Windsor high school student.

Jayden Trudell was attacked near Herman High School in September of 2018.

The three teens pleaded guilty to offences tied the attack, including one teen's action of punching Jayden's cousing Jaxon who looked to come to the rescue.

“I'm glad it's over, my family's glad it's over so we can get on with it because it's all you think about,” said Kevin Trudell, Jayden's grandfather, outside of the court building following the sentencing hearing.

The heaviest sentence was handed down to the teen who instigated the fight. He's been given five months in custody and 24 months probation -- including 100 days in a youth detention centre.

“You know what hopefully in those 100 days he gets some help, apparently he's been doing some stuff," said Trudell, "Maybe he gets some counselling up there and then gets out of there and lives a good life."

The teen who started the fight read an apology to the Trudell family before being handed the sentence.

“It took a lot of guts for him to turn and face my daughter and my grandson so, hopefully he meant it,” says Kevin Trudell. “We don't know but, hopefully he meant it. I'm hoping this kid goes up there and he gets the help he needs.”

The other teen who kicked Jayden while he was down, got a sentence of three months in custody and 24 months of probation.

The third teen was discharged with conditions and is on probation for 12 months.

Kevin Trudell tells CTV News, he's satisfied with the judge's decision but, would have preferred the higher end of the sentencing range -- 7 months in custody -- submitted by the Crown.

“I would've preferred the seven because I feel when you almost kill somebody -- I mean -- and the judge referred to the fact that you've got to give him credit for pleading guilty. Well, pleading guilty is one thing but you've got two videos and you've got independent witnesses. You don't have to put Jayden on the stand or Jaxon,” said Trudell. “What are you going to say, ‘it wasn't me?’”

Those found guilty in this case cannot be named as prohibited under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.