Three people have pleaded guilty for their roles in a brutal October 2016 murder.

On Oct. 19, 2016, a 26-year-old was found inside an apartment at 605 Mill Street.

The victim still has not been identified by Windsor Police, but at the time, police tell CTV News his hands were bound, he was “severely beaten” and had suffered multiple stab wounds.

Police also reported the victim had been lured to a secondary location in the city, before he was taken, against his will, to the apartment building.

Six people were ultimately charged in the murder.  

Walter Smith was charged with murder and forcible confinement while Dustin Schuh, Melissa Luyten, Dennis Bercian, Erick Bercian and Daniel Shaw were all charged with murder, forcible confinement and kidnapping.

Justice Bruce Thomas has issued a publication ban on the reporting of any evidence in the case, because of a pending jury trial, slated to start on March 8, 2019.

However, CTV News can report, twin brothers Dennis and Erick Bercian, 32, pleaded guilty to kidnapping.

They were both sentenced to five years in prison, by Justice Thomas.

But when given credit for time already served, since their arrest in March of 2017, they have just 26 more months behind bars.

When they get out of prison, the Bercian’s will both have a lifetime ban on owning or possessing any weapons or explosives and they must submit a sample of their DNA to the Police database.

Late this afternoon, Daniel Shaw, pleaded guilty to forcible confinement for his role in the murder. However, he won’t be sentenced until April.

These three pleas, are the latest in a series of plea agreements in the murder.

In December, Melissa Luyten, 34, pleaded guilty to forcible confinement and she was sentenced to four years in prison.

Walter Smith, 69, pleaded guilty in September, to accessory after the fact to murder, for which he was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison.

The publication ban, extends to all five accused who have now pleaded guilty.

Jury selection is expected to begin on March 18, for the sixth and final accused in the case, Dustin Schuh.