Three people are going to jail for their roles in a bizarre robbery and kidnapping.

The victim is a man from Chatham, who came to Windsor, thinking he was meeting a prostitute, instead he was forced to hand over thousands of dollars.

This is all over an incident in February, 2018.

Using an online dating app, the man came to Windsor after agreeing to pay a woman to have sex.

But when he got to the predetermined home, he was surrounded by a group of people - two men and three women.

Dube is the defence lawyer for 26-year-old Meghan Subotin. In provincial court Monday, she pleaded guilty to robbery and kidnapping and was sentenced to two years less a day in jail.

“The case was relatively strong against them,” says defence lawyer Brian Dube.  “Quite early on she wanted to take responsibility and put this matter behind her.”

Court heard on Feb. 21, a Chatham man was lured to Windsor on the promise of sex in exchange for money.

The man went to a home on St Antoine Street and was immediately surrounded by two men, one of them said "I should just stab you right now. You're not going anywhere for a while. This is a kidnapping."

“It was really amateurish, serious, but amateurish in terms of how it played out,” says Dube.

Dube says only two of the five suspects had their faces covered. The group took the mans' phone and wallet and over the course of a few hours drove in the victims' vehicle around Windsor to convenience stores, restaurants and bars.

Court heard they used the debit cards to withdraw money from his account. The victim also had $20,000 in cash in his truck, all of which the suspects took.

“If there’s credit that can be given to these people I give them credit for, for no one getting injured, especially the complainant, and that’s important,” says Dube.

The uninjured victim was left on Riberdy Road with a threat from the group to not tell police. The man did and was able to identify all of the accused, all of whom were arrested that night.

David Bullock, 27, pleaded guilty to robbery, possession of stolen property and forcible confinement.

Jorge McConnell, 30, pleaded guilty to robbery, uttering threats and forcible confinement.

Both were sentenced to two and a half years in jail.

“It was really silly, how this, happened and how it ended, but that’s what drugs and mental health issues, especially together, causes you to do, causes people to do,” says Dube.

All three of the people who pleaded guilty Monday told the court they suffer from mental illness and have substance abuse problems.

They have been in jail since their arrest in February.

Two remaining suspects are out on bail and are awaiting trial.