The Windsor-Essex Children's Aid Society says an investigation is underway after three children wandered away from an Ottawa Street daycare.

Tina Gatt, manager of community outreach for the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society, says one child was three years old and the other two were 18 months old.

“To my understanding the children got away from the daycare and ended up by the street,” says Gatt. “From there, some bystanders noticed these children and noticed there were no adults around.”

Gatt says the bystanders approached them, because it was concerning. They contacted the authorities and CAS.

“We will be looking into how the situation occurred, in hopes that this never happens again,” says Gatt.

Gatt says the children were not injured after Monday's incident.  

She tells CTV Windsor the reason CAS is investigating is that a child centre is considered to be in a caregiver role and whenever there is a breach of care, CAS would be looking into it.

“At this point that child care operator would be looking at their own policies and supervision. They would have to deal with that."

The mother of one of the children involved, Chelsea Butler, made a brief statement to CTV Windsor.

It says "I am very saddened by the situation that has happened at the daycare. Protocols were not followed which led to my boys and another getting out. I am so beyond grateful and thankful to the people who helped our kids, without you guys we might not have been able to take them home last night."

AM800 News contacted La Garderie Les Petite Mains daycare's supervisor who said she couldn't talk as she was taking care of the children.  She said they are replacing the teacher.

The story is making the rounds on social media.

“I understand from social media parents are quite upset that this could happen,” says Gatt.

Windsor police say they had received some calls, but it’s a CAS investigation. Police will only become involved if CAS requests their assistance.