Windsor firefighters are reminding residents about the rules for launching consumer fireworks in the city.

Some Windsor residents might not know, consumer fireworks are only allowed certain times of the year.

Windsor fire prevention officer Mike Coste is handing out tips leading up to Canada Day and reminding everyone about the regulations.

“Remember the city of Windsor does have a bylaw with fireworks. You’re allowed to let them off four days of the year – Canada Day, Victoria Day, May 2-4 weekend and New Year’s Eve.”

On the citys website, the bylaw states no person shall discharge consumer fireworks except on the following days:

(a) Victoria Day, or the day immediately preceding or following Victoria Day;

(b) The day preceding Canada Day and the following days up to and including the Fourth of July; and

(c) New Year’s Eve.

Coste says any other time it’s illegal. There are certain exceptions, such as when you have a permit. See the full details in the bylaw here.