WINDSOR, ONT. -- Windsor-Essex school boards have launched COVID-19 tracking lists on their websites and have detailed plans in place for when a student or staff member tests positive.

The Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board set that plan in motion for the first time on Tuesday, when the first COVID-19 case in a local school was reported at Stella Maris Catholic Elementary School in Amherstburg.

The WECDSB says it will post information about a confirmed case or an outbreak to the COVID-19 section of the website, but not until the affected classes/cohorts and the broader school community has been informed of the situation.

According to the Ontario government's Management of COVID-19 in Schools Operational Guidance document, school boards are required to post any outbreaks that occur in schools.

The Greater Essex County District School Board also has a ‘COVID Report’ section on its website.

GECDSB Superintendent of Education Sharon Pyke, the board’s COVID lead, speaks with the WECHU every morning by 10 a.m., and then the board updates the page.

WECDSB spokesperson Steven Fields says in the event of a confirmed positive test result, the school principals will be notified by the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit. If a principal is notified of a positive test result by a parent, they are required to notify the WECHU.

Here's what the board intends to do keep schools and the community notified:

  • If directed by the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit that they have to dismiss a class or a cohort of students in order for them to isolate, they will contact parents by phone to tell them to come to the school to pick up their children.
  • When they pick up their children, the board will provide them with a letter informing them about what further steps the WECHU is recommending. A school nurse from the WECHU may be on site to provide further information and support.
  • WECDSB will not identify the student or staff member who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Once the affected parents have been notified, the WECDSB will send out a message to the broader school community letting them know there has been a confirmed case, if a class or cohort has been dismissed, and whether any further action is required on their part.