The third and final teen has pleaded guilty to aggravated assault after a vicious attack of a 14-year-old Windsor boy.

Jayden Trudell was badly hurt last September when he was knocked unconscious and thrown to the ground, and the attack was caught on camera.

It happened when Trudell was leaving Herman High School for lunch.

A video shows Trudell being punched on the side of the head and thrown to the ground. He was unconscious when another boy started to kick him. Trudell's cousin stepped in and was also assaulted.

The teen who plead guilty Monday was the one who allegedly started the fight by throwing Trudell to the ground.

Outside court, Kevin Trudell, the grandfather of the victim, spoke to media.

“I would have rather seen a trial and take the chance of them seeing more time,” says Trudell.

Jayden’s grandfather says the teenager suffered a broken skull, a concussion and a brain bleed, and still suffers from short term memory loss and impaired fine motor skills.

“There has to be a message sent that this is not going to be allowed, that the courts aren't going to put up with it,” says Kevin Trudell. “This was a very violent act and if these kids were adults they'd be going to jail for years, not months.”

Kevin Trudell says it all started because Jayden stuck up for a kid that was being bullied a week before.

 “There are lawyers who are going to paint them out to be some kind of victim. Ok well, you saw the video,” says Kevin Trudell. “(Jayden) was walking down the street, not even looking and he got attacked from behind.”

On April 29, a teenage boy pleaded guilty to aggravated assault on Jayden Trudell and the other pleaded guilty to assault on his cousin.

The attackers cannot be named because they are protected under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

All three youths who pleaded guilty will have a sentencing hearing on June 25.