WINDSOR, ONT. -- An anti-hate sign campaign has no sign of slowing down one month since its inception in Essex County.

More than 700 “Hate Has No Home Here” signs have been distributed across Windsor-Essex after recent incidents of anti-Asian racism were being reported in the region, and around the world.

“I think people are really craving love! They’re craving good stories. They’re craving joy. They’re craving humanity,” says Co-organizer Laura Soutar-Hasulo.

She says calls are coming in from across Ontario, Michigan and as far away as Florida to request the yard sign.

“I’ve had people drive from over an hour away, LGBTQ couples who have come here. I had a mother come here with her trans son and just tell me how much it means to them.” Soutar-Hasulo tells CTV News, “We’re all Canadian, we’re all equal. We’re all deserving of love and acceptance.”

On Wednesday, the provincial government announced a plan to combat anti-Asian racism within Ontario schools that will see $340,000 in funding allocated to equity programs and community partners.

The support is intended to “help ensure students learn in more inclusive classrooms and are supported by their educators and communities,” the Ministry of Education said in a statement on Wednesday.

A March 2021 report released in a joint effort by several advocacy groups, including the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter, stated that 1,150 cases of racist attacks against Asians took place between March 2020 and February 2021 in Canada. A majority of these incidents were reported from Ontario and British Columbia, says the ministry.

Local volunteers anticipate more popup-style events in the coming days to hand out more signs. Soutar-Hasulo says all proceeds will eventually go towards the purchase of inclusive literature to donate to Windsor-Essex County public libraries.

“This marks my home as a safe place," she says. "There’s no room for hate. Hate has no home here.”

The campaign details can be found on the Facebook page “Hate Has No Home Here Movement."