Employees at Ten Friends Diner in Windsor are taken aback after customers skipped out on their bill and made off with a tip jar.

It happened on Sunday around 12 p.m.

Client Gerald Newman says a pair of customers ate breakfast at the diner, now located at Wyandotte and Moy, and when no one was looking, the suspects ran from the restaurant and grabbed a tip jar containing $80.

“A lot of the clients felt really upset that they had worked the whole day and there's no tips for them,” says Newman. “We're hoping they spent the money on something good such as food for their kids or maybe they needed extra money."

Windsor police are now investigating.

Newman says the only description they have of the suspects is one was a man and the other a woman.

The Ten Friends Diner is a restaurant which provides work opportunities and support for people who are surviving mental illness.

Newman tells CTV Windsor the diner is taking measures to ensure it doesn't happen again.