CHATHAM, ONT. -- In recognition of Black History Month, The Sons of Kent Brewing Company has released a limited-edition beer honouring The Chatham Coloured All-Stars Team of 1934.

Proceeds from the beer will go directly to the Chatham-Kent Black Historical Society & Black Mecca Museum.

“We’re trying to spread the word of Chatham, but we’re also trying to teach people a little bit of the history of Chatham as well,” says Sons of Kent Co. co-owner, Doug Hunter.

The Chatham Coloured All-Stars broke colour barriers as the first all-Black team to win an Ontario Baseball Association title in 1934. The team changed their name to the Chatham All-Stars in order to be allowed to play in the '34 championship game.

Hunter says along with the beer, signed copies of the newly released book, "Hard Road to Victory: The Chatham All-Stars Story," written by Chatham native, Brock Greenhalgh, are also available.

“It’s kind of part of our business model now,” he says. “We try to do it when we can, not all the time, but if it’s going to help a charity out in Chatham or bring some recognition to someone that was from Chatham, it's a great thing.

Greenhalgh says his goal is to get the team inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.

“I know the story is 90 years old, but I think the message in the book for example, those messages, those issues and obstacles that this team overcame so long ago, are still being dealt with by people today,” he says. 

The first Canadian to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Fergie Jenkins praised the collaboration

Jenkins’ father, Ferguson "Fergie" Jenkins Sr. was a member of the Chatham Coloured All-Stars.

Jenkins Jr. previously had a commemorative beer created in his honour, with proceeds going to the Children’s Treatment Centre.

Jenkins issued a statement to CTV News saying, "What a great tribute and an amazing cause in the CK Black Historical Society. My dad proudly played for the Coloured All Stars. I hope they raise a lot of money."

Three-hundred cases of The Chatham All-Stars Rye Pale Ale are available while supplies last.