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The Holy Period of Ramadan marks a time of reflection for our Muslim community

Windsor Mosque located at 1320 Northwood St. (Gary Archibald/CTV News Windsor) Windsor Mosque located at 1320 Northwood St. (Gary Archibald/CTV News Windsor)

The Islamic faith community worldwide is entering Ramadan, a time of deep self-reflection and reverence for prayers.

Prayerful worship started Wednesday, the eve of Ramadan. It is a time for worshipers to gather, fasting from sunrise to sundown for the next 30 days, all the while thinking of others and engaging in prayerful introspection.

The Imams' Council of Windsor confirmed the first day of Ramadan is Thursday. The start and end to Ramadan is based on scientific astronomical calculations.

Prayer services were held Wednesday evening at all six mosques in the city of Windsor.

For Aamer Trambu, who worships and volunteers at Windsor Mosque at 1320 Northwood St, it is an important time for all Muslims to enrich their faith.

"So, this is really a spiritual rejuvenation and definitely a big boost to ourselves and our faith,” said Trambu. “And we love it. We come out of it really refreshed to take on another eleven months without the month of Ramadan."

To learn more about Ramadan visit the Windsor Islamic Association’s website. Top Stories

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