WINDSOR, ONT. -- The Essex County Chinese Canadian Association (ECCCA) has made a statement in regard to Ward 3 Essex town councilor Chris Vander Doelen's tweet, Friday.

The tweet read, "Damn. My test for the Chinese flu came back positive. So I hafta law low for another week—a punishment worse than the illness proved to be."

While they wish Vander Doelen a speedy recovery, they state, "…his Twitter statement is unacceptable for someone in his position holding public office. For forty-five years, the ECCCA has contributed positively to our Windsor and Essex community working with our partners in civil society.  We believe that Mr. Vander Doelen’s comments are unnecessary and harmful."

ECCCA says calling COVID-19 the "China Flu" is a racist slur with broad disregard for the Chinese and Asian communities in Essex.

"Mr. Vander Doelen must surely be aware of the anti-Asian attacks in Canada over the past year - attacks that have, per capita, exceeded those reported in the U.S."

ECCCA is asking elected leaders in Windsor and Essex County to condemn all racism including that of anti-Asian racism.