One of Windsor’s more elusive mayoral candidates has released his vision for the city.

On Tuesday, Bruce Martin delivered his mayoral platform, which highlights his plan for the City of Windsor.  Headlined, “Made in Windsor,” Martin details his view on key election issues – jobs, infrastructure and transparency.

“We won’t hold the line on taxes. We’ll cut your taxes,” the releases states. “We won’t cut jobs, wages, pensions or benefits. We will support those willing to improve work practices and labour efficiency to benefit the entire community.”

Martin says his administration won’t sign off on infrastructure or building projects unless Windsorites are guaranteed jobs. He also details a plan to refund hydro and water utility profits directly back to homeowners and businesses, via quarterly financial statements.

“We won’t conceal a thing; it’s your money, your business. One hundred per cent transparency.”

Martin also wants to eliminate chlorine from the city’s treatment of drinking water, though an alternative was not listed.

“When thinking of quality products, technology, and service, what will enter their mind is made in Windsor.”

Martin joins 11 other candidates in the race for Windsor's mayor's seat.