WINDSOR, ONT. -- The province is opening the door to apply for the new Ontario Small Business Support Grant that would pay a minimum of $10,000 to eligible applicants.

“It’s the difference between surviving and sinking,” said Generations Diner owner Vikki Knight. “I mean it’s been really, really hard doing the doggie paddle over here for the last couple of months but, we’re doing it.”

For businesses like Generations Diner on Ottawa Street in Windsor, the grant would be like a life saver at sea.

Knight has already looked into applying and has found a long list of businesses seeking relief.

The province will provide up to $20,000 in support to eligible businesses.

The one-time grant is meant for businesses that have lost 20 per cent of revenue with fewer than 100 employees and those that have been restricted or closed by Ontario’s lockdown.

Knight says the money will mean keeping the lights on for a few more months.

“We’re doing the best we can to keep above water and we’re just praying for all of the businesses out there that, they make it out the other side,” she said. “That’s all we can hope for because I know so many people that put so much hard work into their businesses and to see it just be lost like this it’s a little too much to take in to be honest. It’s a bit overwhelming."

The application can be found on the Ontario website.