WINDSOR, ON -- In order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, announcements of more closures have surfaced.

Health organizations are suggesting that large gatherings should be cancelled to slow the spread of the virus.

All City of Windsor facilities including arenas, pools, museums, and community centres will close the evening of March 15 and will remain in closed until April 6.

City staff will increase the cleaning of the City of Windsor's facilities including City Hall, which will remain open.

The Windsor Public Library Board will be closed, but will continue their e-services.


The Ontario Ministry of Health implemented the following rules for Huron Lodge:

• The Ministry of Health is restricting visitation to all residents.

• The Ministry of Health is identifying essential visitors as those who have residents who are very ill or at their end of life. Those who fail screening will not be permitted to enter.

• Families will be asked if they would prefer to take their loved ones home during this time. In such event, both family member and resident will have to pass the screening upon returning to the home.

• All family gatherings booked at Huron Lodge are cancelled.


Should you attend facilities that remain open, the City of Windsor reminds you of the following items which are considered high-touch surfaces:

• Bathroom taps, toilets, toilet handles

• Door knobs, handles, push bars, light switches

• Hand rails in stairs and hallways

• Elevator buttons

• Tables and countertops


We will continue to monitor closures and update as we receive information.